NSAITYI | ⵏⵙⴰⵉⵟⵢⵉ | نسايتي |

DJ, Remixer, Producer. He started in 2015 and tried hard to learn a lot in the field of the electronic music industry and the actual beginning was in early 2018 and exactly when Avicii died in Oman by suicide, when he played in Mawazine in Rabat exactly by the summer of 2015 then he inspired him a lot to start this amazing journey until Now NSAITYI trying to recreate his musical style and uniquely at the same time.

NSAITYI's (ⵏⵙⴰⵉⵟⵢⵉ) songwriting is influenced by composers and songwriters like Tim Bergling
( Avicii ), Fadil ElGhoul( R3hab ),
Vincent Pontare and Salem Al Fakir( VargasandLagola ),...

and many more.
Moreover than that we don't forget Nadir Khayat, better known by his stage name RedOne (RedOne)
Who says in Grammy Events: "Study 3 Times for better Life Artist the past & the present and the future"